Etihad Business Class

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Take a tour with Etihad Business Class and experience the soul within you. Relax, rejuvenate, and give yourself time to refresh, avoiding the hassle of a busy work schedule. If you are tired, wait for the plane to take off and spread long on the bed. Feeling hungry? Choose the best meals of your choice.

Business Class Has its Own Advantages

Etihad Airlines has a series of large and magnificent airplanes like A380 and B787 aircrafts. Go to a long and comfortable flight on the flatbed and enjoy the sound sleep in the air. Do you want to customize your in-flight sleep? You can do so with the flexibility of Etihad Business Class.


Etihad Chauffeur

Your journey begins right with the booking with Etihad Business Class`. Etihad offers you the fully accustomed chauffeur service. That is amazing. Just imagine how it feels when you get picked up and dropped with a chauffeur-driven Mercedes Benz. You won’t feel like you are away from home as the porter comes and welcomes you to the brand new car and drops to your destination from the airport. Business Check-in at your convenience.

Relax in the lounge

With the unique lounges at Etihad Business Class, you can relax and chill out at the bar in the lounge area. You will find several drink brands here. All the facilities like the spa at a single place can refresh your mind. Take a shower and begin your journey with a good mood.

Welcome on board

We know your mood, and we care about it the most. So, in Etihad Business Class, we try to provide as many facilities so that it can give you a pleasant experience of travel. So do the things according to your mood. Take a sip of fresh juice or have champagne- whatever you want.


Time to rest

In Etihad Business Class, you will find the seat as comfortable and relax like a bed. The seat has headrest supported by a soft cushion with proper space and height. So if you are tired from the business meeting or heading toward to accomplish to explore the city, take a sound sleep in the flight. So that you could reach out with a firm and passive mood.


Be fair with your time. Be the owner of your choices, and do what matters the most. At Etihad Business Class, we take care of all you needs. You can always make a choice to travel and avail of the services with courtesy and care.


Dine Anytime

Dining is not a time-bound in Etihad Business Class. You can decide the time of your meals according to your convenience. So whether it’s day or mid-night, you can always take a call for your meals. Their food manager will come to you and ask about your choices. So taste the yummy meals of Etihad Business Class.

The Etihad A380

Obviously, traveling with Etihad Business Class is no less than a dream. When you fly with A380 airbus, you can enjoy the drinks with family and friends. So stretch out and adjust your seat according to your comfort. In the flight, we all care about the most in world-class luxury. This airbus flies to New York, Paris, London, Sydney, and Seoul.

Meet our fleet

Inflight entertainment

Why remain normally left out with entertainment when traveling in flights. Connect to the TV or WiFi and watch your favorite movie and serials in the air. Boredom has no place in the Etihad Business Class. The headset attaches to your seats to give you the pleasant experience of the journey.

What else you can get here:

Over 180 movies

350 TV shows

Latest box sets

Live sports and news

On-demand music

14 radio channels


We are living in an era where people-to-people connection and openness is a major concern. We can’t live a single second without connecting to the internet. So, how can we leave out this major thing in Etihad Business Class? You can connect to the Wi-Fi and the Internet here too and enjoy your favorite channel online.

In Etihad Business Class, we offer Amenity kits, including:

Eye mask,


Luxurious socks and

A signature fresh fragrance.

Arrivals lounge

Get the amazing arrival welcome at Abu Dhabi international airport. Direct from the freshness of beach and glossiness of sunshine, deboard the plane to your dream destination.

The Lobby

Join hands with friends and catch your family at the super-spacious lobby of the Air380 airbus deck.

Upgrade with miles

Are you a regular flyer with Etihad Business Class? Why not take the Mile service to get the benefits of extra saving. For business class people, it’s a win-win situation to avail the extra-mile services. So upgrade your mile services now and be our partner in long terms.

Our partner airlines

Etihad airlines have an alliance with the worlds’ major airlines. This way, we can take care of all your needs and never miss a chance to serve you in the better way. So we leave no place for mediocrity. With the Etihad Business Class, all we care about is to do the best.

Ethics and compliance

Ethics is at the core of our business. Whatever we do, we remain totally fair to our passengers. So you can always rely on us for better services. With the trust and support of millions of its global passengers, we give your passion for travel a sense of purpose. Take the Etihad Business Class to make the most of your travel needs.


Etihad airlines leverage the best of technology to remain updated with the time and offer you the best out of best. So keep exploring with the innovative and extraordinary Etihad Airways flights. We promise to give you the best travel experience.


Customer Support

If you have any additional questions, queries, doubts, or concerns related to air travel and client booking, let us know at our toll-free helpline. We will try to assist you in the best possible way.